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Our Works

DLABs, as a digital products and consultancy company, has worked on a variety of design automation and machine learning projects. We are confident that, with our experience and understanding of your needs, we can deliver the best solutions for you. Talk to our experts to find out more about our works and learn how we can help you.


BSD GPT, an AI Sustainability Consultant developed for BSD, assists users by answering FAQs, providing technical support in Green Mark 2021, LEED, and WELLs, and even engaging in conversational marketing by recommending services at BSD. This shows the versatility of Your GPT and how it can be customised to fit the needs of a variety of business sectors.

AI Building Massing Generation

On this web-based application, thousands of design iterations are generated using an AI-powered engine. According to analysis metrics, users can pick designs that best suit their requirements, and export them for detailed modification.

AI Battery Capacity Prediction

An AI model is developed to predict the battery health and future cycles of the Energy Storage System (ESS) designed for buildings. Based on thermal history and other metrics, performance of hundreds of batteries can be ranked, and users are warned to avoid potential fire hazards. 

Rule-based Urban Design Generation

Developed as a custom Rhino Plug-In, 2D land parcels in an urban scale get automatically generated into 3D building massing. Users can modify the parcels easily, update land metrics or move a road, before re-generating the buildings. 

Parametric Facade Ray-tracing Analysis

An annual hourly solar ray-tracing analysis is developed to compare a series of parametrically generated façade designs. Different shapes and sizes of façade panels can be manufactured according to preferred level of solar radiation and view factor.

Rule-based Wall Structures Modelling

Purposefully tailored Tekla Plug-In serves to generate rule-based wall structures. By ticking checkboxes and filling dimensions, elements like doors, hatches, headers, and etc. are generated according to the users' requirements.


Customised Tekla Plug-In meticulously engineered to streamline the creation of various drawing types, such as module drawings, floor plan drawings, and more. This seamlessly simplifies the drawing generation process, making it highly efficient.

Integrated Embodied Carbon Calculator

On this web-based application, early-stage building designs are analysed and measured for embodied carbon. By modifying material use in buildings, users can compare design options to achieve lower carbon footprint. 

rule-based drawing automation in tekla
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