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Towards a World of Digitalisation

As practitioners in the area of Built Environment, we believe in improving the design outcome through the use of digital solutions and AI. Be it automating iterative, repetitive processes or optimising design layouts, we provide bespoke solutions according to your unique design philosophy and workflow, right here in Singapore.

Design Automation
for the Built Environment

DLABs aims to bridge the gap between the built environment and the digital industry by leveraging on the technical know-how of building physics, sustainable design and operations, energy efficiency and high-performance building simulations. Our focus is on developing bespoke software for clients, tapping on our AEC knowledge, to improve productivity for the clients.


Customised digital solutions based on your design requirements and philosophy.


Reducing efforts required for iterative and repetitive processes, thus allowing for time to be better spent on finetuning designs and optimising outcomes.

AEC Knowledge

Having the necessary knowledge in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction domains to understand your requirements and value-add to the digital solutions.

Our Services


Through the use of plug-in software, we customise and code solutions to automate iterative, mundane and repetitive tasks. This frees up time for valuable and creative design processes which can better benefit your clients and the communities. 


Machine Learning

With AI, we take advantage of computing power and accurate regression models to provide optimal solutions, in a short time, based on your design workflow requirements.

Our Team

Led by a team of architects, engineers, industry professionals, and software developers. Built on design technology and A.I. data to innovate the AEC industry.


Yong Ping Quen

Director and Partner

MSc. (Bdg Sci), BEng (Hons), GM AAP, GBIF.
Certified Energy Auditor
BCA Energy modeling assessor, BCA Mechanical Services
Committee Member. Lecturer for GMM/ GMP Energy modeling module


Kim DongKyun

Technical Director

M.Eng, B.Ar.Eng 
Expert in Building Engineering and AI
Worked on Changi Airport T4, Asia Sq Tower 


Jack Lee

Product Lead

M.Arch, B.A. (Arch)

Experienced in Design Automation Algorithms

Worked on:

  • Industrial Building Simulation Tool (JTC)

  • Geo-computation for District Planning (NUS)

  • Irradiance Mapping of Large-scale City Model (SERIS)



Program Lead

B.E Civil

Experience in the design and implementation of solutions for workflow automation.

Worked on:

  • Technology leadership and governance

  • Resources and budget planning

  • Customer engagement

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